Business Planning

In our promise to move your business forward, we focus extensively on developing a
road map for the future.  Without a plan, few people know what success looks like when they get there!  So, we will start with strategic, high-level discussions that eventually boil down to the specifics of business and market planning, followed by long-term execution assistance of the plan.  We use the proprietary 9-Ps Business Plan, accompanied by the TBG financial analysis.  In many instances, we have found that grant writing and government funding can provide unexpected opportunities.  We look extensively at your Web presence to polish and create a superior marketing tool.  For more information on the 9 P’s and the Financial Analysis Worksheet, please see Our Documents tab, then contact
TBG, we can help! If that’s not enough, TBG is also geared to present the 9 P’s in a classroom setting wherein we literally train entrepreneurs and technologists in various grant opportunities followed with a step-by-step process on how to complete the 9 P’s.