“As Business Director for The Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies (CAMT) from 2005 to 2010, Tim Comerford was able to absorb a wide variety of complex technologies, report on them to the Air Force Research Laboratory, and explain them in Newsletters to Industrial Consortium members and potential members. Tim helped set up the CAMT Industrial Consortium, organized campus Research Conferences, and managed trade show exhibits. He was able to work with professors and our business partners to commercialize university research and to bring companies together to partner on applications. After the funding ran out that supported Tim’s position in CAMT, we were pleased to obtain Tim’s services to help with proposal writing.”

Dr. Ming C. Leu
Keith and Pat Bailey Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies
Missouri University of Science and Technology


“When we considered doing our first SBIR proposal to partner with Missouri S&T on technology for advanced waterjet machining of titanium parts for Boeing, Tim Comerford was able to quickly pull together information from Missouri S&T, Boeing, and our company; write a proposal; and submit it to meet a tight deadline.”

John Bell, Vice President
Steelville Manufacturing
Steelville, MO


I came to Barry White years ago, as an undergraduate student at Missouri S&T.   He immediately helped start and motivate my business, which grew exponentially, winning the MU System 2010 Student Entrepreneurs of the Year award.  Barry’s focus on my business is laser-like, with solid mentoring and coaching that can’t be repaid.  He helped us pursue multiple grants, winning some and working through the process.  He also helped us market our business while also finding alternative ways to fund us well past the valley of death.  Today we employ around 30 people in 8 cities, are debt free and are one employer of choice for technology oriented students and graduates of the University. I have placed my business in Barry’s capable hands and he has, at every turn, helped me make the right decisions.

Michael Orlando
Chief Executive Officer
Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative LLC
(314) 853-6874


Barry White has helped me refocus my business over the past two years and is now working IN the business, shoulder to shoulder with the whole team.  He’s helped bring our financials into focus, is driving Accounts Receivable to capture income and streamlining our functions to be more effective.  I trust Barry’s work completely to keep my interests as the business owner at the forefront.  At this time, Barry is capturing our business model into a format that will allow us to franchise out and gain even greater revenues, while at the same time launch a new technology oriented business.  In this tough economy, I was concerned about the continued level of profitability, but now I know we are turning the corner, with exciting times ahead.

Frank  Cox
Cox Brothers Service, LLC