Barry White Bio

Barry White

Barry White graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Business and Public Administration, with a focus in Law Enforcement.  Immediately after graduation, he was promoted to a leadership position with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service where he served for 25 years.  His experiences were exceptionally broad in operating small convenience stores, large automotive facilities, contracting for services, technical representative covering 5 countries for retail, food, automotive, motion pictures, and personal services. In 1991 he was stationed in the Pentagon as part of the Executive Secretariot for the AAFES Board of Directors, and acting as the liaison with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees on Capital Hill.  He transferred to Ft. Leonard Wood in 1995 to assume to position of General Manager, leading more than 400 people in multiple facilities with revenues exceeding $90M per year.

Upon retireing, Barry launched BSW Consulting, LLC and worked with several large businesses focused on business development and military housing, eventually becoming the business manager for the private housing operation on Ft. Wood.  In 2006 he bacame the Director of the Small Business Technology Development Center at Missouri University of Science and Technology, becoming a Certified Technology Commercialization Counselor. 

Upon leaving Missouri S&T, Barry re-launched BSW Consulting, LLC as a subsidiary of the Missouri Business Group, LLC.  The focus of which is helping business leaders at all levels launch their technology and helping established businesses expand and grow their business in a logical fashion.

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