Grant Writing lists 43 federal agencies offering grant money. The Small Business Innovation
Research (SBIR) program alone requires government agencies to set aside 2.5% of
their budgets for small business projects. But writing grants takes a special set of skills, and even businesses that are aware of these opportunities and that have people with the skills to pursue them do not do it because; people do not like to write! We can help.
With years of successful grant writing and knowledge of agency requirements, we
can work with your engineers and sales/marketing executives to write high-impact proposals that are tuned to agency requirements; and we can navigate the on-line submittal processes that were designed by bureaucrats that mean well, but actually make it difficult. A lot of that federal money we complain about actually goes to some pretty good places. Be one of them.  The partners at TBG have enjoyed an exceptionally high success rate in pursuing grants for others.  We work together to understand the technology, then articulate it, fashioning a story that is ultimately convincing to the funder that their funds will be optimized in the focus of their grant.

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